We have come to the “Most Wonderfull Time of the Year”, Christmas time!!!  I think most true disciples realize that December 25th is not the actual date of the birth of Christ.  The question is; “Do we have an actual date for Christ’s birth?”  That is a tough one.  The Bible does not give a verse that tells us that exact date, but does lay out various clues that may help zone in on a precise date.  A quick answer can provide the day but not the year, if one would take the feasts of the Lord, given to the Jews in Leviticus 23 as to when the Jews were to celebrate certain things.  slide1-n

         The Feasts of the Lord, given above are broken down into Spring Feasts and Fall Feasts.  Theses feasts have been on the Jewish calendar since the time of Moses and are dress rehearsals for the Israelites to play out each year.  These feasts also lay out the doctrinal and prophetic events that were and those to come for the nation of Israel.  These spring feasts were fulfilled by Christ Jesus to the day and hour.  The fall feasts are believed to be fulfilled the same way!  Jesus will fulfill these fall feasts to the day and to the hour.

          The Feast of Tabernacles,  Sukkot,  points directly to the time Israel dwelt in the wilderness for forty years in booths, i.e. tents.  Sukkot also points prophetically towards our Lord’s second coming, and the millennial reign of Christ, when God will dwell among us.   This feast will be fulfilled in the days to come.   This feast was fulfilled once already when Christ came to dwell with us when he came at his birth and was called “Emanuel, God with us”, Matt. 1:23    “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.”    Therefore, this day, The Feast of Tabernacles,  is the day on which Jesus was born!  Therefore, whatever day of the week this day falls on, that day is the date of the Lord’s birthday!   Therefore, the 15th of Tishri, (end of September and beginning of October),  is the day Jesus was born.  What is not known is the year our Lord was born.  Even as the date is now set at December 25th, the year still is unknown.  Those who have viewed the verses and ultra biblical sources have only stated that the year would fall somewhere between 7bc and 1bc, a seven year span that could be the year of Christ’s birth would have been.

The Events that are searched out for this information are things like Herod’s death, the reign of Pilate, why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem, the birth of John the baptist, and others like Josephus, an extra Biblical source, and others!  For others that would site the same conclusions you can scan those on YouTube.  Pastor Mark Blitz is one you can check for facts about The Feasts of Israel, author of “God’s Day Timer”.

The Feasts of the Lord at the time they were given by Moses, were prophetic events that would expose all that the Lord would accomplish in the life of Christ for the nation of Israel and ultimately the world.  Jesus fulfilled the first four feasts to the day and hour.   Jesus was the passover lamb, the bread of life, the first fruits of the harvest, and is the head of the church.  He is why the Trumpets are blown, who will be judge on the Day of Atonement, and he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, when he returns to establish his Kingdom.

The Feasts of the Lord are definitely the Lords.  However they were given to Israel, by Moses, Leviticus 23, and apply to the nation of Israel.  They were to be fulfilled by Israel each and every year to the date and hour and they have been before and after Christ Jesus.  However, the Body of Christ, while not directed to keep these feasts does not mean there is not application to the Body of Christ.

Be on the look out for the blog on The Feasts of the Lord.

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