I have written several posts on the three Raptures, the first one, when Jesus rose from the dead, Matt. 27:50-54. The other Two, the Rapture of the Church, I Cor., 15: 50-54, and the Rapture of the Tribulation Saints, Revelation 7, & 11:11-12, are yet to come! The Rapture of the Church to take place on Pentecost, June 5, 2022, and the Rapture of the Trib. Saints, on the Feasts of Trumpets, September 24, 2025. These last two Raptures are separated by 3.5 years, when the antichrist comes in to manage his One World Government.

These posts were not written to frighten anyone, but they were written to give a heads up to all Born Again Christians, who have put their Faith and Trust in the LORD Jesus Christ as the savior of their life, and to cast out fear! As we can see how the Media, the Democrats , and the Left have got the citizens of the US worried about what is going to happen to this country in this next election, if Donald Trump should lose!

We have had a quick glance through the out break of the covid – 19 pandemic, which started in China, headed up World Health Org., (WHO), the Bill Gates Foundation with the Event 201. Bill Gates saw how this pandemic would run its course in 2019 through his Event 201 in 2019 in WuHan, China. look it up!!! We all have witnessed in the past four months what will happen if Donald Trump loses the presidency. All American rights will be lost and the “Left” and Democrats will throw America in the toilet. Setting America up to be associated to become part of the one world government. All Americans who are not Born Again and not part of Body of Christ will perish with America.

This Pandemic is nothing more than a brief preview of what is coming in the tribulation, which will be much worse than what we are going through now! You can see how America has acted to the Pandemic, Democratic Governors have stolen the rights of the citizens in their states and they have let them, without, saying a word about it!!! When Trump wins the election, and he will, in November. Christians will have two more years to wait with patience for the LORD JESUS CHRIST to return at the Rapture of the Church, June 5, 2022, Pentecost! 3.5 years from that previous date will be Sept. 24 ,2025, the Feast of Trumpets, is the Rapture of the Tribulation Saints, in which the Tribulation will be in full bloom then! The antichrist will be in full authority! America will have been made like a 3rd world country and part of the one world order, in which the antichrist will have full control over!

If you are not “Born Again” now, you need to be that way soon!

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